Fayetteville, NC Gynecology Services, Annual Exams & Preventative Screening

Highland OB/GYN offers comprehensive women’s health services, including complete gynecological care. Rely on our knowledgeable Fayetteville, NC physician, midwife and staff for routine annual exams, treatment of common female problems as well as HPV prevention measures. As with all our women’s health services, the commitment of our OB/GYN staff is to provide excellence in all aspects of gynecological care and treatment.

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Annual Well Women Gynecology Exams

Each year after age 21, every woman should have a Pap smear. At Highland OB/GYN, both the midwife and gynecologist provide routine annual screenings and preventative visits. We provide the latest technology, including liquid-based Pap tests and HPV testing in appropriate cases. During your annual gynecological exam, we’ll also answer any questions you may have regarding common female problems or health issues.

Abnormal PAP Test & HPV Prevention

Cervical cancer should be a completely preventable disease. At Highland OB/GYN, we firmly believe that appropriate screening and evaluation of abnormal PAP tests has been one of the greatest advances of women’s health in the 20th century. Our digital video colposcope carries that advancement further, allowing for incredible diagnostic accuracy. Our Fayetteville OB/GYN clinic also offers and strongly recommends HPV immunization.

Birth Control

We are happy to discuss available birth control. Highland OB/GYN is proud to offer a wide range of contraceptive options including pills, patches, intrauterine devices, injections and Implanon sub-dermal contraception. We also offer options for patients considering permanent contraception with Essure Sterilization performed in our office.

Adolescent Gynecology

It is now recommended that adolescents have their first visit with a gynecologist between ages 13 and 15. While it is usually not necessary to perform a Pap test or pelvic exam at that age, there are unique needs for adolescent girls best addressed by a gynecologist or midwife. If your daughter is over 13 and hasn’t had her first gynecological exam, contact Highland OB/GYN today to schedule an appointment.

Urinary Incontinence & Pelvic Prolapse

Nearly one third of all women will have urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. Stress urinary incontinence may be treated conservatively with biofeedback or Kegel exercises or may be treated surgically. Some women do not have any incontinence but have pelvic prolapse that might need to be treated. Whatever the issue, our caring gynecology specialist will help you find the right treatment.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy periods – include passing clots, frequently changing or doubling protection, can cause fatigue and affect activities.  Affects up to 30% of women who are often treated with a hysterectomy.  Highland OB/GYN offers alternatives to hysterectomy including Hormonal Therapy and Endometrial Ablation.  In most cases when a hysterectomy is chosen, Highland OB/GYN can perform the procedure vaginally – without need for abdominal incision or minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic assistance.

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